Michiko Kimura
– Japanese Lesson (Face-to-face & Online)
– Kimono-dresser

-Teaching for 7 years+.
I am from Yokohama, Japan, and currently live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I used to work in the music industry in Tokyo for more than 15 years and manage for musicians, product music and organize live concerts. Good organization skills, such as smooth interaction with staff, artists, customers, clients and media, were required and I develop my understanding of self and how to communicate with those people. The reason I became a Japanese teacher was that I found it delightful whenever I met and communicated with foreigners who had interests in Japanese music, as I was excited to see people enjoying learning about Japan. I totally enjoy supporting all my students for achieving their individual goals. It is absolutely satisfactory for me to introduce the language, the culture, the traditions and the music to them.

– Postgraduate Diploma in Japanese Teaching at the Institute of International Education in London
– Certificate of English for Japanese Language Teaching
– Kimono-dresser Certification Level 2

Teaching & experiences:
– Private Lesson ( Face-to-face & Online)
UvA Talen (Amsterdam,The Netherlands)
Volksuniversiteit Amstelland Platform C (Amstelveen,The Netherlands)
Arai Academy of Japanese Studies in London
Edo Cultural Center Japanese Language School (Tokyo, Japan)
We Language School (Tokyo, Japan)
– Millennium Primary School (London, UK)
South Hampstead High School (London, UK)
– IIEL Greenwich Campus Charlton House (London, UK)
SORA Japanese School (San Francisco, USA)

Volunteer exprerience:
Woolwich Library; RASCALS after school club (London, UK)
– Japanese as one’s-mother-country class (London, UK)
– SOAS University of London (London, UK)

Yokohama, Japan