The one of best Kimono shops in Tokyo / 東京で行くべき着物屋さん


Are you looking for the unique and original kimono just for you? If so, “Kimono Hazuki” is the best shop to go.

Here is the map.


They have many kinds of antique Kimono and accessories, and also the retro-style interior looks fabulous. It is fun even though you are Just looking around inside of the shop! Their staffs are super nice and they give you great advices to choose good one for you. It helps you a lot even though you don’t have any knowledge about Kimono.


You can find the authentic and charming old kimono with reasonable prices.I highly recommend this shop. 


Last but not least, here are beautiful ladies, the shop owner and a staff! (Thank you for your letting me take the photos of you and the shop!)


As for the kimono which I purchased, I will write about it some other day.

Kitsuke for kimono / 着物の着付け


I had “kitsuke” of kimono to a friend of mine, Ms. S in the beginning of December. Her daughter’s school had a party at hotel for student’s parents, therefore she wanted to wear a Japanese traditional cloth. It was good opportunity to introduce one of Japanese cultures to other parents who were from many different countries.

※着付け(きつけ/ kitsuke):人に着物を着せること
To dress someone in kimono (Noun)


She has a kimono which was tailored in Japan, which had a delicate and stylish pattern on a dark purple silk. That was extremely beautiful. She also learned how to wear kimono by herself, however she gave me an opportunity to do that in Amsterdam.


There are many Japanese people who don’t know how to wear kimono, actually I can tell, “Most of Japanese people cannot wear kimono by themselves”. I used to be one of them until I learned it at a Kimono school.


Now, let me get back on the track. 
We could use a dressing room of spa at hotel and I did kitsuke there. She looked super elegant in kimono! Her friends who saw her said, “Beautiful!”, “Wonderful!”, “Gorgeous!” and more. I think many of them saw a real kimono for the first time. Her kimono was tailored just for herself and it suited her well. I was also impressive like them.


I know that an evening dress is gorgeous as well, however kimono has some classic and glamorous tastes with a very-Japanese-simbolic-style and it is different, I felt. 


By the way, I made “kawari-obi” instead of “otaiko” for an obi-belt as her requested. To be hounest, this was my first challenge to make this shape, however, it was good that I could make it without any problem.

変わり帯(かわりおび / kawari-obi)


This was my first kitsuke after I came to the Netherlands. It was a special night for me since since I could feel she was happy in kimono and I could see how her friends reacted. Also I was very impressed by the beauty of kimono and a lady in kimono.


I am very appreciated it to Ms. S that I could have a great opportunity because of her. I learned a lot from this experience. It is also thankful that she allowed me to use her photos on my blog.


Thank you very much, Ms. S!

You can check the detail about kitsuke on this page.

★おまけの写真 / Extra photos
I took these photos on my way home from hotel after kitsuke.