Cycling to Ikea & Tarako spaghetti. ( Memory of summer days in 2020, part 3.) / イケアからのたらこスパゲティ (2020年、夏の思い出。その3)


One day of the end of July, I had cycling with my friends. We were planning to go to the beach at first, but the destination was changed to Ikea in Haarlem since I might have not be able to make it. The beach was kind of far and also it was the first time for me to ride a bicycle in Amsterdam.


When I arrived at Amsterdam Centrum station to meet my friends, they had already rented a bike for me.
Well, this rental bike had a pedal break instead of a handle break. This type is usual in the Netherlands, so you might need some time to practice to get used to it. I used to ride a fixied bike in Tokyo, therefore there was no problem.
Dutch people are going too fast by bike and you have to be careful.

My old fixed bike in Tokyo. / 東京で乗っていたピスト。


It was a beautiful day and perfect for the cycling. I started to feel little bit pain on my foot and buttocks, but I followed my friends not to be behind. They went slowly for me and it was about a four-hours round trip.  I was tired but I definitely want to go again!
It made me feel like “I have to get my own bike asap!”

Beautiful, isn’t it? / 綺麗ですよね〜
I was following them. / 二人の後を追いかけました。

Three of us. / 3人のショット


By the way, what I bought at IKEA was this cod roe paste called “Kalles Kaviar”. I read some blogs which were written about this by Japanese people who lived outside Japan. They were saying, “You can cook ‘Tarako (Cod roe) spaghetti’ with this.”  Tarako spaghetti is a Japanese style spaghetti and one of popular one.I cooked it after coming home and then,,,,

Kalles Kaviar / カレス・キャビア


It tasted pretty much the same as Japanese tarako spaghetti in Japan!
I cooked it for a friend of mine who went to IKEA together on the other day. She liked it and said “delicious!”

Tarako (Cod roe) spaghetti / たらこスパゲティ

It was a good day.

Memory of summer days in 2020, part 1. / 2020年、夏の思い出、その1


I can’t believe that it’s already September! Time flies!!!


We had several hot summer days in August and it was hard to spend in a room without an air conditioner but luckily I had a fan on my ceiling and it helped me a lot. It felt good when you saw a beautiful sky even though it was hot. I rather hot summer than cold winter.

Thank you for making my room cooler! / 部屋を涼しくしてくれてありがとう!


I had fun a lot and did some “summer things” in July and August, so I will write about it little by little, it is actually for myself to remember as a memory. Also I would like to share some good restaurants which I went.


First, I moved to Amsterdam North from West in the middile of July and it was a big event for me.

Sky from a new room. / 新しい部屋からの空。


You can take a ferry to go to the central from North for free and it’s very convenient.

View of Amsterdam Centrum from Amsterdam Noord. / 北アムステルダムから見るアムステルダム中央。
Taking the ferry. / フェリーにて


I liked Amsterdam west but I also like Noord because I can feel good vibes here.


See you!

Back to blogging / 戻りました。


I have been away from the blog. It was my decision to write this, so I have to continue writing. For starters after ages, I am going to upload some photos of Amsterdam which I have taken while taking some walks on last few weeks. It was hot as summer last week, but it is cooler this week. The weather changes like four seasons a day!
Was summer already gone?!?!

26 May / 5月26日
26 May / 5月26日
12 Jun / 6月12日
20 Jun / 6月20日
20 Jun / 6月20日
20 Jun / 6月20日


Have a lovely weekend!
See you!

African night / アフリカン・ナイト

先週の日曜日、オランダに住んでいる日本人の方達と 新年会をしました。女性だけの集まり、つまり、女子会です!女子が集まれば話にも花が咲きます。最高に楽しい夜でした!(ちなみに、「女子」という言葉は何才まで使ってもいいんですか。)

I had a shin-nen-kai with Japanese people who lived in the Netherlands on last Sunday. It was a ladies night, which means we had a “Joshi-kai”. It was a super fun night! Ladies got together and we could talk forever as you know. ( By the way, how old can we use this word “joshi” until?)

*話に花が咲きます(はなしに はなが さきます/ Hanashi ni hana ga sakimasu.)Idiom:次から次へと話が広がる。
To engage in a lively conversation

Party only for ladies

*女子(じょし/ joshi):辞書で調べると、「女、女性、女の子」とありますが、若い女性の意味で使われることが多いです。
When you look up a dictionary, it says that this meaning is “woman, girl”. However, people usually use this word as a meaning of “young woman” and “girl”.

*会(かい/ kai):会う、出会う、集まる/ meeting, association

新年会の場所は 「キリマンジャロ」 というアフリカ料理のレストランでした。
The place for Shinnenkai was at an African restaurant whose name was “Kilimanjaro”

Their interior was lovely! Tableware was Cute!!

Staffs were friendly and gave us great services!!! All food was amazing!!!!

So, I would definitely love to come back there.

Year out and Year in / ゆく年くる年

※ ゆく:行く/ go
※ くる:来る/ come
※ 年(とし/ toshi):year


It has been exactly three months since I landed in the Netherlands. I felt like time went slowly right after I started to live here but now I feel it past so quick when I look back.


“Ookini, kono deai ni kansha.”( I am thankful that I could meet you.) This is a part of lyric of a song for Japanese artist which I used to work with. This phrase popped into my head many many times in this year. I am lookking forward to meeting new people in the new year as well.

※ おおきに(ookini):関西弁の「ありがとう」/ “Thank you” in Kansai dialect


Well, today is oomisoka. I am going to do “Oosouzi” from now.

※ 大掃除(おおそうじ/ oosouji):年末にする大きい掃除。一年の汚れを取って、新しい気持ちで新しい年を迎える準備をする。
Cleaning and tidying up in the end of year. Getting rid of all the dirt and the dust of a past year and greeting the new year with a new fresh mind.


May 2020 will bring you lots of joy and laughter.
Kotoshi mo osewani narimashita.
Rainen mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu.
Yoi otoshi o omukae kudasai.

31 Dec, 2019

夕方になったら、コーヒーカップがワイングラスに変わると思います。 Around afternoon, a coffee cup on my left hand should be changed to a wine glass;)