Tapas restaurant. ( Memory of summer days in 2020, part 2.) / タパスレストラン (2020年、夏の思い出。その2)


Back to the end of June.
I went to a tapas restaurant with 3 of my friends. One of them was a Spanish and she became to be in charge to order food naturally. 
Well, every dish was amazing!


I remember that it was a hot day, but our table was outside along the canal and it felt so good. That made me ask another couple of wines many times.

Around 6:30pm / 夕方6時半頃


By the way, there are not “Tapas restaurant” much in Japan, because “Spanish restaurant” usually has the both of tapas and paella in their menu and you can order them at the same restaurant. Therefore I did not know that you couldn’t eat them at the same restaurant basically.

Around 9:30pm / 夜9時半頃

The sunset was beautiful!

It was a lovely evening, which we ate, drunk and chatted a lot.

Memory of summer days in 2020, part 1. / 2020年、夏の思い出、その1


I can’t believe that it’s already September! Time flies!!!


We had several hot summer days in August and it was hard to spend in a room without an air conditioner but luckily I had a fan on my ceiling and it helped me a lot. It felt good when you saw a beautiful sky even though it was hot. I rather hot summer than cold winter.

Thank you for making my room cooler! / 部屋を涼しくしてくれてありがとう!


I had fun a lot and did some “summer things” in July and August, so I will write about it little by little, it is actually for myself to remember as a memory. Also I would like to share some good restaurants which I went.


First, I moved to Amsterdam North from West in the middile of July and it was a big event for me.

Sky from a new room. / 新しい部屋からの空。


You can take a ferry to go to the central from North for free and it’s very convenient.

View of Amsterdam Centrum from Amsterdam Noord. / 北アムステルダムから見るアムステルダム中央。
Taking the ferry. / フェリーにて


I liked Amsterdam west but I also like Noord because I can feel good vibes here.


See you!