A boat trip in Amsterdam ( Memory of summer days in 2020, Part 6.) / アムステルダムでボートトリップ (2020年、夏の思い出。その6)


I was invited to a birthday party of a friend of mine. The party was going on a boat which her friend owned.
We moved to the boat after having some drinks at a bar. The welcome drink, Mojito (hand-made!) were waiting for us. Happy!


The birthday lady cooked and prepared all food for the guest. Every food was great and also I felt love for us from her. She is always attentive to everyone in a very subtle way, and it makes me impressed.


Now, I like to share few views from a boat and hope you enjoy.

I could make it to take a photo just like a painting! / 絵画のような写真が撮れました!


It rained off and on that day, however we had fantastic time. I would love to thank to her husband as he prepared this amazing party!


Last but not least, love to thank you to this handsome captain!

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