Cycling to Ikea & Tarako spaghetti. ( Memory of summer days in 2020, part 3.) / イケアからのたらこスパゲティ (2020年、夏の思い出。その3)


One day of the end of July, I had cycling with my friends. We were planning to go to the beach at first, but the destination was changed to Ikea in Haarlem since I might have not be able to make it. The beach was kind of far and also it was the first time for me to ride a bicycle in Amsterdam.


When I arrived at Amsterdam Centrum station to meet my friends, they had already rented a bike for me.
Well, this rental bike had a pedal break instead of a handle break. This type is usual in the Netherlands, so you might need some time to practice to get used to it. I used to ride a fixied bike in Tokyo, therefore there was no problem.
Dutch people are going too fast by bike and you have to be careful.

My old fixed bike in Tokyo. / 東京で乗っていたピスト。


It was a beautiful day and perfect for the cycling. I started to feel little bit pain on my foot and buttocks, but I followed my friends not to be behind. They went slowly for me and it was about a four-hours round trip.  I was tired but I definitely want to go again!
It made me feel like “I have to get my own bike asap!”

Beautiful, isn’t it? / 綺麗ですよね〜
I was following them. / 二人の後を追いかけました。

Three of us. / 3人のショット


By the way, what I bought at IKEA was this cod roe paste called “Kalles Kaviar”. I read some blogs which were written about this by Japanese people who lived outside Japan. They were saying, “You can cook ‘Tarako (Cod roe) spaghetti’ with this.”  Tarako spaghetti is a Japanese style spaghetti and one of popular one.I cooked it after coming home and then,,,,

Kalles Kaviar / カレス・キャビア


It tasted pretty much the same as Japanese tarako spaghetti in Japan!
I cooked it for a friend of mine who went to IKEA together on the other day. She liked it and said “delicious!”

Tarako (Cod roe) spaghetti / たらこスパゲティ

It was a good day.

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