The one of best Kimono shops in Tokyo / 東京で行くべき着物屋さん


Are you looking for the unique and original kimono just for you? If so, “Kimono Hazuki” is the best shop to go.

Here is the map.


They have many kinds of antique Kimono and accessories, and also the retro-style interior looks fabulous. It is fun even though you are Just looking around inside of the shop! Their staffs are super nice and they give you great advices to choose good one for you. It helps you a lot even though you don’t have any knowledge about Kimono.


You can find the authentic and charming old kimono with reasonable prices.I highly recommend this shop. 


Last but not least, here are beautiful ladies, the shop owner and a staff! (Thank you for your letting me take the photos of you and the shop!)


As for the kimono which I purchased, I will write about it some other day.

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