Today’s Mans Cooking ( January)/ 今日の男の料理 (1月)


It is already Feburary! I uploaded some photos of “Today’s Mans Cooking” in January on our Instagram and Facebook page. Have you seen them?


We would like to introduce “Nasu to piiman no miso itame / Fried aubergine (Eggplant) and green peppa with Miso source “ in this month. It is already Feburary, but it is as a food of January….

“Nasu to piiman no miso itame / Fried aubergine (Eggplant) and green peppa with Miso source “


This dish is also called “Nabe-jiki”and named in Edo a long time ago. The reason why is that this is “Shigi-yaki” which is cooked using“Nabe (pot)”. “Shigi” means “Sandpiper”and “yaki” means “stir-fry”. Cooked abergines look like sandpipers therefore this is started to be called “Nabe-jiki”.
This food looks like a Chinese food, however, it is a Japanese country side dish. The combination with a rice is perfect.


★How to cook
Heat oil and fly pork. Add aubergines and fly them, then put green peppas. After frying well, put a source (The Mix of miso, sugar, mirin, sake) in it. Fry and boil until the source disappears.

*炒め煮(いために/ Itameni):たれを入れた後で、炒めて煮ること
To fry and boil until the source disappears after putting source.

*炒める(いためる/ Itameru):Stir-fry

*煮る(にる/ Niru):to boil,  to simmer


It would be lovely if you try to cook it!

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