What is “Yoko Onoing”? / 「Yoko Onoing」って何ですか。


Do you know “Yoko Ono”? She is a Japanese multimedia artist who married with John Lennon from The Beatles.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono. Lovely photo!
John Lennon & Yoko Ono. Lovely this one too.

では、「Yoko Onoed:動詞」「Yoko Onoing:名詞」という英語の言葉があるのを知っていますか。私は知らなかったのですが、イギリス出身の生徒さんに聞いて知りました。

Then, do you know the English vocabularies, “Yoko Onoed (verb)” and “Yoko Onoing (noun)” ? I didn’t know them and my student from England told me about that.

オンラインのUrban Dictionaryによると、「ぶち壊(こわ)す」や「バンドを解散させたり恋人や友達を別れさせる」などの意味が書いてあります。

According to Urban Dictionary online, it has meanings of “to completely ruin an event”, “the action of one’s significant other who tears apart the group of friends” and the other.

*Yoko Onoed:動詞(どうし/ Verb)

*Yoko Onoing:名詞(めいし/ Noun)

事の発端(ほったん)は、アメリカ人のコメディアン、Ziwe Fumudohがツイッターで「メーガン妃が英王室を『オノヨーコ』したことを誇りに思う」とつぶやいたことのようです。それから、多くの人がリツイートをして、この言葉が話題になりました。

In the UK, every news is talking about Prince Harry and Meghan since they announced stepping back from Royal duties. When my student was listening to BBC radio, radio presenters were talking about this topic and also the words “Yoko onoed” and “Yoko onoing”.
The tweet of American comedian, Ziwe Fumudoh is where it all started and her tweeting was“proud of meghan markle for yoko ono-ing the royal family“ After that many people retweeted it and it became to be a hot topic. 

なぜなら、オノ・ヨーコはジョンレノンに大きな影響(えいきょう)を与えたので、多くのビートルズファンはオノヨーコが解散(かいさん)の原因(げんいん)だと思っているから。そして、BBCラジオは、「日本人が、「Yoko Onoed」という動詞があるのを知って、驚いた。」とも話していたそうです。

How come these words started to be used? The reason why is that Yoko Ono had a big influenced John Lennon and many The Beatles’ fans think she was the cause of their break-up.
BBC radio also said, “Japanese people were surprised to learn it.”

はい、私もその中の一人です。Urban dictionaryを見ると、2013年に投稿されているので、ずいぶん前から使われている言葉だというのが分かりますが、昨日(きのう)この言葉を知って本当に驚きました。でも、それと同時に大笑いしてしまいました。

Yes, I am one of them who did not know this word. You can see that “Yoko Onoed” was added to Urban dictionary in 2013, so it has been used for a long time. I just learned it yesterday and it got me surprised but that was hilarious and I could not stop laughing at the same time.


However, I think that is impressive even though this word is used with a negative way. That means she gave a big impact to the world and it is not usual that one’s name is put on a foreign language’s dictionary as a verb or noun. 

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