African night / アフリカン・ナイト

先週の日曜日、オランダに住んでいる日本人の方達と 新年会をしました。女性だけの集まり、つまり、女子会です!女子が集まれば話にも花が咲きます。最高に楽しい夜でした!(ちなみに、「女子」という言葉は何才まで使ってもいいんですか。)

I had a shin-nen-kai with Japanese people who lived in the Netherlands on last Sunday. It was a ladies night, which means we had a “Joshi-kai”. It was a super fun night! Ladies got together and we could talk forever as you know. ( By the way, how old can we use this word “joshi” until?)

*話に花が咲きます(はなしに はなが さきます/ Hanashi ni hana ga sakimasu.)Idiom:次から次へと話が広がる。
To engage in a lively conversation

Party only for ladies

*女子(じょし/ joshi):辞書で調べると、「女、女性、女の子」とありますが、若い女性の意味で使われることが多いです。
When you look up a dictionary, it says that this meaning is “woman, girl”. However, people usually use this word as a meaning of “young woman” and “girl”.

*会(かい/ kai):会う、出会う、集まる/ meeting, association

新年会の場所は 「キリマンジャロ」 というアフリカ料理のレストランでした。
The place for Shinnenkai was at an African restaurant whose name was “Kilimanjaro”

Their interior was lovely! Tableware was Cute!!

Staffs were friendly and gave us great services!!! All food was amazing!!!!

So, I would definitely love to come back there.

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