“Today’s Man Cooking” is starting. / 「今日の男の料理」スタートします。

そして料理をするための調理道具(ちょうり どうぐ)にもこだわりがあるので、皆さんにも見せたい!と思いました。

My senpai’s husband is very good at cooking. I often visited my senpai’s house and stayed over night. In the morning, her husband usually cook breakfast for everyone and all of them are very delicious! He is also having high standards about cookware, and I thought, “I would like to share it!”

*こだわりが ある(Kodawari ga aru):fussy about something, having high standards about particular things.

*先輩(せんぱい/ Senpai):Senior
*後輩(こうはい/ Kouhai):Junior

These two mean something in Japanese and the exact meaning of these words is difficult to get across in English. I will write about them sometime soon.


Therefore, I sometimes will upload food he cooks on Instagram and Facebook. The title is “Toda’s Man Cooking”! I also will introduce how to cook one of them on this blog once a month.  Please feel free to ask If you have a request which one you want to know how to use!

★”Japanese Cultural Lab.” Facebook community page.


I declared to do it but I wonder if I could keep on doing without skipping… Well, yes I will!

*【普通形(ふつうけい/ futsuu-kei)】かな?: 疑問(ぎもん)に思う気持ちを表す。話し言葉です。
【Plain form + kana?】 “〜kana” is used to express your feeling, “I wonder”. This is the particle for speaking.


For the first uploaded, here is the “Kansai-style okonomiyaki”

*関西(かんさい/ Kansai):日本の地方を表す言葉。「大阪府(おおさか・ふ/ Oosaka-fu)」、「京都府(きょうと・ふ/ Kyouto-fu)」、「兵庫県(ひょうご・けん/ Hyougo-ken)」、「滋賀県(しが・けん)/ Shiga-ken」」、「奈良県(なら・けん/ Nara-ken)」、「和歌山県(わかやま・けん/ Wakayama-ken)」が関西に含(ふく)まれます。

Kansai is an area of Japan. “Osaka”, “Kyoto”, “Nara”, “Hyogo”, “Shiga”, “Wakayama” are included.



Have you ever eaten Kansai-style okonomiyaki?

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