Year out and Year in / ゆく年くる年

※ ゆく:行く/ go
※ くる:来る/ come
※ 年(とし/ toshi):year


It has been exactly three months since I landed in the Netherlands. I felt like time went slowly right after I started to live here but now I feel it past so quick when I look back.


“Ookini, kono deai ni kansha.”( I am thankful that I could meet you.) This is a part of lyric of a song for Japanese artist which I used to work with. This phrase popped into my head many many times in this year. I am lookking forward to meeting new people in the new year as well.

※ おおきに(ookini):関西弁の「ありがとう」/ “Thank you” in Kansai dialect


Well, today is oomisoka. I am going to do “Oosouzi” from now.

※ 大掃除(おおそうじ/ oosouji):年末にする大きい掃除。一年の汚れを取って、新しい気持ちで新しい年を迎える準備をする。
Cleaning and tidying up in the end of year. Getting rid of all the dirt and the dust of a past year and greeting the new year with a new fresh mind.


May 2020 will bring you lots of joy and laughter.
Kotoshi mo osewani narimashita.
Rainen mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu.
Yoi otoshi o omukae kudasai.

31 Dec, 2019

夕方になったら、コーヒーカップがワイングラスに変わると思います。 Around afternoon, a coffee cup on my left hand should be changed to a wine glass;)

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