What do you drink during working? / 仕事中、何を飲みますか。


Hello everyone,
Have you ever made a mistake or done something wrong because you did not understand their language in foreign countries? I have many!
Today, I would like to introduce an experience which one of my students had right after he moved to Tokyo from England due to a transfer.


One morning he stopped by a convenience store and bought a fruit soda, and then went to the office. His workforce found out that he was drinking it while he was working. She was very surprised and said, “What are you drinking?! It’s still in the morning now?!’


He responded, “ A fruit soda.”  He did not know why his workforce was surprised and what was going on, so asked, “What’s happened?”



Then his workforse answered, “It is not a fruits soda! It is Liqueur!!!”
“Whaaaattttt?!?!” It got him shocked!


There are many kind of drinks at the convenience stores in Japan as photos below. Basically, any information inside of the stores is written in Japanese though many tourists visit to Japan from all over the world in these years.


Now, here is a question. can you tell which one is a soft drink and which one is alcoholic drink in this photos?


The answer is,,, all of them are alcoholic drinks.


So how can you tell alcoholic drinks apart from others. It is easy. Please check the red circles on the photos below.


“アルコール” means “alcohole”. When you see this word, it says it is alcoholic drink. Lately, “Alc”is written on some of them, and it is easy to find out. 


Now please check these photos below as well.

ソフトドリンク:Soft drink
ビール: beer


Now you know how to find a drink which you want to have!
The convenience stores in Japan is very convenient! There are many things you can do like, buying delicious food & deserts, using ATM, borrowing toilet and etc… It is fun to spend time there and please stop by when you visit to Japan! 


In the end, I would like to thank to a friend of mine, Taro who took these photos and sent me for this topic. He sent me 44 photos!
The person who was taking a lot of pictures in a convenience store should have looked weird and suspicious. It was good that a staff of the shop did not came and talked to him.

★おまけの写真 / Extra photos

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