What is the cause?! / 原因は?!

Hello everyone.


I have allergic rhinitis and usually need to take a small tissues with me for in case, but I don’t have problems with it since I came to Amsterdam. Is the air fresh here? It is really good for me anyway.

However, the problem happened.


One day, I bought a couple of flowers and decorated in my room. Since then, I started to have a reaction on nose. I did not want to think that it was because of flowers and I had been telling myself, “No it is not because of flowers, no, it might be the cause of climate or weather, yes it should be!” 


Well, the condition of my allergy was getting worse day by day. What is the cause of it? I really didn’t know it in fact but I tried to put flowers on my yard. Just as a trial, temporarily…

“feeling-lonely” scenery part 1… The view from my bedroom. 哀愁漂う、寝室からの眺め。
“feeling-lonely” scenery part 2… The view from kitchen. 哀愁漂う、台所からの眺め。

Then, the allergy was recovering.


I still don’t know what made my allergy appeared again. Flowers? Pollen? Weather? Climate? I don’t know the true cause.
Now I just can say that my lovely flowers are blooming beautifully in my yard everyday, not in my room.

They look fine today as usual. 今日も元気な花たち。


By the way, here are few photos of flower shops here.

★One point Japanese lesson.
Flower and Nose are the same word in Japanese but they have different Kanji characters.

Flower: Hana / はな / 花
Nose: Hana / はな /鼻

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