Do you care about the expiration date? / 賞味期限を気にしますか?


Hello everyone,
First of all, I would like to show people who write their blogs everyday some respect…


By the way, I went to an Asian supermarket on 4thNov. I come from Japan and miss Japanese cuisines of course. Actually I can survive if I only have a soy sauce but sometimes I feel like eating some other taste.

知っての通り、アムステルダムで日本食材はとても高い!なので、時間をかけて吟味し、買うものを決めました。4パック入りの納豆を買うか買わないかで10分ぐらい悩みましたよ。日本では100 円以下で買える納豆がこちらでは€3.25ですからね。かなり貴重です。

As you know, Japanese foods and ingredients are expensive here in Amsterdam, so I took my time to think what I was going to buy. A Japanese traditional food named “Nattou” costs €3.25 with 4 packs here, though you can get it with less than ¥100 (=around €1.20) in Japan. It is very valuable. 

This is Nattou!


切れてるやないかーい!(←For your information, this expression is in Kansai dialect.)

Anyway, I found a Tenpura sauce with 50% off price and I was like, “ Wow, I must buy it!”. It made me so happy and I checked the expiration date just for in case, then…..

It has been expiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrreed!!! 

スーパーに行ったのは11/4。 I went there on 4 Nov.


“ Wait wait wait, isn’t it problem to eat items after the expiration date has past?!?!”  
Lately, the shops selling the item which the expiration date has been past increase in Japan, and this is what I saw on the news. The expiration date does not mean of “Low quality after the date” but “ the date it tastes good by”. If you eat them and you can reduce bins.


I could not buy that Tenpura sauce in this time because I had a little bit doubt, but I think it should be not bad to buy those items if they do not affect product quality.
What do you think?

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