Podcast / ポッドキャスト

We started a podcast and our name is “Atelier Nippon”.




The first show was uploaded on Spotify and Soundcloud, and please search our name “Atelier Nippon”. We are very happy if you listen it. Thank you!

あっという間(ま) / Attoiuma

「あっという間(ま) / Attoiuma 」
【 名詞(めいし): Noun】
★” あっという間に” is used as 【 副詞(ふくし): adverb】

*Meaning: a blink of time,
*Explain: Something occurred too quickly before you finish saying “あっ!(Ah!)” .


◆Roman words
Kyonen no kyoo wa sotsugyooshiki deshita. Ichinen wa attoyuuma desu.

The graduation ceremony was held on this day last year. One year goes by so fast.

Pasta Bar / パスタ専門店


It’s already December!! Too fast!!I haven’t read this blog for ages again…


This is about October, My friend and I went to the Pasta bar. I love pasta! I love pasta next to rice.


I don’t remember clearly but I think, they only have an appetizers and pastas on their menu. Sorry if I am wrong! BUT you can enjoy various pastas and it was like a heaven for pasta lovers like me! We ordered the appetizer and two kinds of pastas, and then we shared them together. This is how Japanese do. By the way, do you know how their taste was?

They were amazing!


I would love to go back there but it is impossible due to the partial lockdown in the Netherlands. This is the time for patience…

A boat trip in Amsterdam ( Memory of summer days in 2020, Part 6.) / アムステルダムでボートトリップ (2020年、夏の思い出。その6)


I was invited to a birthday party of a friend of mine. The party was going on a boat which her friend owned.
We moved to the boat after having some drinks at a bar. The welcome drink, Mojito (hand-made!) were waiting for us. Happy!


The birthday lady cooked and prepared all food for the guest. Every food was great and also I felt love for us from her. She is always attentive to everyone in a very subtle way, and it makes me impressed.


Now, I like to share few views from a boat and hope you enjoy.

I could make it to take a photo just like a painting! / 絵画のような写真が撮れました!


It rained off and on that day, however we had fantastic time. I would love to thank to her husband as he prepared this amazing party!


Last but not least, love to thank you to this handsome captain!

The authentic Jamaican food ( Memory of summer days in 2020, Part 5.) / 本格的なジャマイカ料理 (2020年、夏の思い出。その5)

そしてようやく見つけました。その名も「Reggae Rita’s」。「Water & Brood」というカフェで、木曜日から日曜日まで営業しているそうです。

I had been looking for a Jamaican restaurant since I moved to Amsterdam, because I love Jamaican food!
I found the one finally and it is “Reggae Rita’s”. They open from Thursday through Sunday at the café, “Water & Brood”.


You can drink a Jamaican beer, Red Stripe and enjoy the authentic Jamaican food there. Chatting with Rita was also fun! She said she has been to Japan. It made me happy.

Red Stripe in a Heineken glass / ハイネケンのコップにレッドストライプ
Plantains & chicken wings / プランテインとチキンウィング
Three kinds of chicken wings. / 3 種のチキンウィング
Jerk Pork & Vegan Curry / ジャークポークとビーガンカレー


I’ll definitely go back there again!


Before I go, I will share some photos which I took in Jamaica when I visited there for business trips in 2006 and 2008. I used to work in music industry and had opportunities to have recordings and mixings. It was full of momentous experiences. I hope to have some chance to visit there again.

in 2006 / 2006年
in 2006 / 2006年
Lovely colour. in 2006 / 綺麗な色。2006年
in 2006 / 2006年
He stroke a pose for me. / ポーズをとってくれた。
Unforgettable caribbean sea coloured cobalt blue, in 2006 / 忘れがたいコバルトブルーのカリブ海。2016年
Unforgettable caribbean sea coloured cobalt blue, in 2006 / 忘れがたいコバルトブルーのカリブ海。2016年
The Mixing Lab Studio in 2006 / ミキシングラボスタジオ。2006年
The Mixing Lab Studio in 2006 / ミキシングラボスタジオ。2006年
The Mixing Lab Studio in 2006 / ミキシングラボスタジオ。2006年
The Mixing Lab Studio in 2006 / ミキシングラボスタジオ。2006年
Sound system in everywhere. in 2008 / いたるところにあるサウンドシステム。2008年
on the beach in 2008 / ビーチにて。2008年
on the beach in 2008 / ビーチにて。2008年
“Keep the music alive” by Sly & Robbie / スライ&ロビー「音楽を生かし続けろ」

The message from Sly & Robbie stuck in my mind.

See you!